I (Amy) just closed out an old blog I used to co-write 3 years ago. I got to reading some of the posts and remembered how much I learned during that time. I wanted to re-post some of them here. This one is the original post with a couple updates like the number of kids I have.




“A lovely deer, a graceful doe. Let her breasts fill you at all times with delight; be intoxicated  always in her love.” 

Proverbs 5:19

I confess, I have fallen in love…with the book of Proverbs. I am reading through it right now and it is so full of great teaching and I want to hide it in my heart. I came across this tiny little verse- Proverbs 5:19. One might read it, and thinking for only a second continue on. But though this verse is small, it holds so much meaning in regards to wives.

I want to start by saying a man is blessed if he finds a wife in his youth (5:18). But what kind of a wife should she be? A loving graceful doe. How many of us today are loving and graceful towards our husbands? Too often I believe our husbands arrive home to find a wife that does nothing but vent, criticize, argue, huff and puff. Did God say that a man who has a huffy puffy wife is blessed? No. A loving wife. A graceful wife.

When I wake up in the morning I can easily decide if it’s just going to be one of “those” days, and the whole day is bad. By saying or thinking this, I have set myself up for failure in the morning and the whole household feels it, my kids and especially my husband. If I wake up in the morning and I burn breakfast, have a headache, and burn my hand on my curling iron, I can still decide to have a great day. God is watching me, encouraging me to follow Him, not to follow my flesh and Satan. Be “A lovely deer, a graceful doe”.

What about the next part? Now, I have nursed 6 babies and know that breasts serve multiple purposes. Sometimes it is hard to switch back and forth mentally. But God has put a longing for breasts inside our husbands. There are multiple verses in the Bible about husbands and breasts. Don’t deny your husband a longing that God has put inside him. Satan did not put that desire into him, God did. Our breasts are to satisfy our husbands always.

And it finishes with always be captivated (intoxicated) by her love. Do you still captivate your husband? When my husband and I were courting (or dating or whatever) I did anything and everything to captivate him and get his attention. He loves swimming in muddy mucky lakes (filled with snakes probably) and one time I did it with him. I swam in it, way back then, but I would never do it now! I wanted to captivate him. I was always sweet with him and barely argued. I wanted him for myself so I was on my best behavior. After we married things changed.  I could argue and stand up for MY RIGHTS…right? Needless to say we had trouble. I no longer captivated him the way I did when we courted. I needed a change- a biblical transformation. I still need to keep myself in check to make sure my love captivates him. He should be captivated by me. Not frustrated with me, or bitter with me, or find me a nag. Make sure you are still captivating to your husband. This is God’s purpose for you and it is wonderful!


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