Getting Used To Living Without Running Water

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Getting Used To Living Without Running Water

God is unfolding his plans for us here in Guatemala. We are very excited to see how everything pans out. But as God is unfolding His will for us we are adjusting to a new place.

When you live in America, all constant electricity and running water is taken for granted. Even when we lived in Mexico for awhile we had hot showers. Here are the top things we are getting used to…


1.) Glass windows– “fresh” air is a constant. Unfortunately this makes mosquitoes, flies, and other bugs a constant too.

2.) Flushing Toilet– Since we do not have running water we have to get a bucket of water from our well to flush the toilet.

3.) Shower– We have to use bowls of water drawn from our well to shower.

4.) Water Heater– We miss nice warm water to shower and bathe in.

5.) Washer– Using a washboard is fun but very time consuming….especially with 8 people.


Our washboard and well


Our Shower

Our cooking stove



Getting used to these has been an adjustment for the whole family. Sleeping with geckos and mosquitoes in our rooms is new for us but as each day passes it becomes normal. We have it really good. The family across from us lives with a grass roof, and still chops wood in the morning for cooking I assume. We, fortunately, have an electric camping stove that turns on by the spin of a dial. And we are very thankful for that.


Continued prayers for us as we adjust. They are much appreciated.



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  1. Hi Dodd family,
    I have arrived in guatemala city. after I get my house settled in Panajachel, i will come visit.

    Amy, send me a list of most needed items that I can get for you at the Mega Paca in the City. I will donate $100 to your cause. so make a list.

    The Mega Paca is a great place to shop. I wll be happy to do it for you. They are a huge store like Goodwill, but they have many of the all over the city. I have a girlfriend here who has a interior design store, she buys most of her merchandise that she sells in her store at Mega paca.

    Do you need sheets, towels, cooking pans? Something to sit on? Lamp? Just name it.

  2. many prayers are going up for all of you as you were over there doing God’s work as he want you to love to all

  3. Wow! Thanks Susan. I honestly can’t think of anything. I think because we are still settling in I am not sure what I need. You are so sweet and generous! Thank you. If I think of anything I’ll let you know. 🙂